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Nouvelle tecniche d'obtention de la SCLÉRO-MOUSSE

Assessment of lower limbs edema in healthy workers who are exposed to long-term gravity

Timing and modality of the sclerosing agents binding to the human proteins: laboratory analysis and clinical evidences

Scintigraphy-based analysis of possible pulmonary lesions after foam sclerotherapy: a pilot study

The Bassi Historical International Library of Phlebology at the Ferrara University Hospital

A novel device for non-invasive cerebral perfusion assessment

Sclerofoam assisted laser therapy for saphenous refluxes: an innovative tumescence-free technique

Elastic stockings effect on leg volume variability in healthy workers under prolonged gravitational gradient exposure

A novel concept of pneumatic pump in the outpatient management of mixed leg ulceration: a pilot study

Jugular valve function and petrosal sinuses pressure: a computational model applied to sudden sensorineural hearing loss

Nouvfij, e technique d'obtention de la sclero-mousse Nouvfij

Effects of intermittent pneumatic compression treatment on clinical outcomes and biochemical markers in patients at low mobility with lower limb edema

The history of sugar dressing in infected venous leg ulcers

Sutura estetica cutanea nelle lesioni con perdita di sostanza con la tecnica di avvicinamento degli aghi contrapposti

The study of the sapheno-femoral junction to understand the distribuzion of refluxesin chronic venous disease

Sclerosing foam and intravenous catheter utilisation in the treatment of superficial insufficiency